This textured 6"vase was made on the 28" Little Jiffy by placing a doily between the slab and the top canvas.  A very easy way to create a beautiful surface.

This 8" vase was made by rolling a textured placemat between the slab and the top canvas.  Creating the texture was easy.  Glazing each tiny design element was a little Zen.

lAAlthough this "Bread Canister" is 15" tall it was created on the Mini Jiffy.  Each leaf was cut out with a cookie cutter and then textured with a stamp.  Here again the glazing was an exercise in Zen.

This amazing dragon started out as slabs on Little Jiffy.

A cute Koi family created from tiny slabs formed around rumpled newspaper.  The largest is 5 inches and the smallest 2 1/2.

JJJacque's raku leaf dish was made by placing a hosta leaf on top of the slab under the top canvas and rolling to imprint the leaf pattern.

Rubber shelf lining created the texture on this red clay vase.

Here again antique doilies created the texture.  A desert size paper plate was the form for the saucer.